Candy crush, cookies, and…

I promise not to bore you with a post like this every day, but to set the tone for the amount of work I actually do in a day, here is everything I accomplished today:

  • I installed software for someone
  • I showed someone how to play sound through their headphones
  • I played candy crush for a solid two hours – now at level 664
  • I played solitaire after I ran out of lives in candy crush
  • I went to the grocery store
  • I ate cookies that were left in the break room
  • I created this site
  • I refreshed my email every 5 minutes hoping for a job offer to get out of here

And now it’s time to go home.

As I’m leaving, Carlton and Ryan (more on them later) are trying to figure out how to allow someone to scan from the printers.

Spoiler alert: no one knows. Will find out how this one turns out in the morning.




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