Printer Update

Before we get to the update on the printer, let me introduce you to our new characters from yesterday.

Carlton is my boss and has been here basically since the place opened. The secret that’s not a secret is that he doesn’t know what he’s doing and tries to use big words to cover it up. Most recent example- I was copied on an email yesterday where he said everyone had access to their perspective folders. Perspective and respective are the same thing, right? His desk is also where every project goes to die. You’ll never see it again, and no one else seems concerned. 

Ryan started recently with Nancy, but actually seems to know what he’s doing. That means he won’t last. He’s caught on that Carlton doesn’t know what he’s doing and wants to fix it. I give him 2 months.

But back to the printer. Carlton couldn’t tell Ryan anything about anything, so Ryan created a new account, got it working, and moved on. The old account will now sit out there for eternity where no one can touch it. Along with everything else that’s been abandoned, so that’s good. Good start to the morning.


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